New Beginnings

Without trying to sound cliché, generic, or full of shit, everything does work out eventually; you just need to give it time, patience, put in the work, and let the universe do it's thing. This time last year I was still studying down in Dunedin, struggling through the last bit of my first semester. Each … Continue reading New Beginnings


My Friends Wrote a Bible

First Year Health Science is one of the most intense university courses on offer. It's the precursor for professional programmes Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy. As if any first year course isn't challenging enough, Health Sci has 2000 students enrol, and limited spots at the finish line. It includes 7 compulsory papers, shit tonnes of … Continue reading My Friends Wrote a Bible

DIY Paper Fortune Cookies

I don't usually consider Valentines Day as anything other than the commercialisation of love, or a consumerism trap. For florists, chocolatiers and condom companies, V-Day is one of the most lucrative days of the year. For restaurants, they'll never see this many 'Table for Two' bookings on any other day of the year. But for … Continue reading DIY Paper Fortune Cookies

February’s New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius 🌜

There's been a lot of funky stuff happening up in the night sky recently; this year's lunar cycle has really kicked off, giving us Earth dwellers a lot to look at and think about. I'm talking firstly about the Super Blue Blood Moon back on Jan 31st - a lunar spectacle I can honestly say … Continue reading February’s New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius 🌜

Food Diaries: Higher Ground, Melbourne

Recently while I was scrolling through my camera roll, I noticed that I have so many photos of yummy things I've eaten at cafes and restaurants, so I thought it'd be a perfect mini-series to do on my blog (which I really neglected for the last half of 2017...ooops) So to kick it off, I … Continue reading Food Diaries: Higher Ground, Melbourne

Good Steals

Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media platforms. It's everything. Cute photo of your dog? Post it to Instagram. Smashed Avo on toast? Post it to Instagram. On vacation? Post it to Instagram. In all seriousness, Instagram is so much more than brunches, selfies and holiday posts; its a platform for self-expression, … Continue reading Good Steals

Fair Trade: The Basics – with Kiera Jones

Fair Trade is a topic I personally had no knowledge about until my friend Kiera suggested it be a topic I write about on my blog. (Which i love - if you're reading this and have a topic you want me to write about, let me know!) Already, I believe I am a more conscious … Continue reading Fair Trade: The Basics – with Kiera Jones