February’s New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius ๐ŸŒœ

There’s been a lot of funky stuff happening up in the night sky recently; this year’s lunar cycle has really kicked off, giving us Earth dwellers a lot to look at and think about. I’m talking firstly about the Super Blue Blood Moon back on Jan 31st – a lunar spectacle I can honestly say … More February’s New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius ๐ŸŒœ

Good Steals

Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media platforms. It’s everything. Cute photo of your dog? Post it to Instagram. Smashed Avo on toast? Post it to Instagram. On vacation? Post it to Instagram. In all seriousness, Instagram is so much more than brunches, selfies and holiday posts; its a platform for self-expression, … More Good Steals

GoodFor Refillery

Sustainability was never really something on James Dentonโ€™s radar – which may be hard to believe considering heโ€™s now opened a zero-packaging plastic-free store in Ponsonby. GoodFor Refillery is beginning to change the way people think about our consumption, and take a look at how much single-use plastics creep into our daily life. GoodFor Refillery … More GoodFor Refillery