GoodFor Refillery

Sustainability was never really something on James Denton’s radar – which may be hard to believe considering he’s now opened a zero-packaging plastic-free store in Ponsonby. GoodFor Refillery is beginning to change the way people think about our consumption, and take a look at how much single-use plastics creep into our daily life. GoodFor Refillery … More GoodFor Refillery

Real Rad Food

Hannah Mellsop is basically the queen of raw treats and baking. At just 21 with her recently-formed business, Real Rad Food, she creates beautiful raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free and refined sugar free cakes, slices, bliss balls and more. Hannah shares her creations online to her 8.7K followers and sells them to local cafes, and … More Real Rad Food

The Beauty Industry and Darker Skin Tones – with Nyma Tang

It’s no secret; although slowly improving, the beauty industry still continues to fail to embrace diversity, and be inclusive (or skinclusive) of all skin tones, particularly for darker skin tones. Why, in 2017 does the beauty industry think that ignoring deeper skin tones is acceptable? There are a several reasons as to why, noted by beauty … More The Beauty Industry and Darker Skin Tones – with Nyma Tang

Haly Design

A few months back my sister Carly sent me an Instagram link to Haly Design, a Wellington based illustration and design page. Anyone that knows me knows I love Instagram, and I found myself scrolling down beautiful pictures of lettering, brush script, and little illustrations. For my birthday Carly got me one of Haly’s prints, … More Haly Design

Taking a Break

It’s no secret or big deal, but this semester I’m taking a break from uni and I’m living back up in the Coromandel for the rest of the year. I’ve been struggling with depression for over a year and a half now, a bit of stuff in my life has happened, and I need to … More Taking a Break