Getting Organised to try and be an Organised Person

I’m pretty sure one of my goals last year was to become more organised, you know, the kind of person that writes stuff in their diary or planner, checks their emails regularly, program stuff into my calendar app on my phone, not miss flights, you know, that person.

It didn’t really happen though; I brought myself a diary which I never used, my mum had to text me to remind me about appointments (and we weren’t even living on the same island) and I’d end up missing uni shit because I’d find out about it a week or so later when I bothered to check my emails.

So this year, I want to attempt to be a more organised person, because I know it will make my life that little bit easier and less stressful.
I brought myself the Ruby 2017 Diary which is absolutely gorgeous, and will hopefully motivate me to start writing more things down! I love it because each day has it’s own page, there are monthly calendars, there are pretty pages in here and there aaand, the page edges are gold. What more could I want?! My sister also got me the matching Wall Planner for Christmas, so surely with these two gorgeous bits of stationery I can get myself sorted.

So whilst I’m all organised with this stuff, I’m yet to actually be organised. Fingers crossed! And any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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