the nourished eatery

On the way back from an awesome trip to Hawkes Bay, Moni and I stayed with her friend Alana in Tauranga.
I had been following the Nourished Eatery on Instagram for quite a while, and had always admired their gorgeous vegan food. I’m not a vegan at all, I think it’s an awesome lifestyle choice, especially the ethical decisions behind it, and also the creativity behind producing alternatives (to dairy, meat, etc) and in turn, producing beautiful food.

When I found out we were staying close to the cafe (which is in the Tauranga CBD) I didn’t want to go anywhere else for breakfast. We headed there around 9am, and found it hidden amongst a few high-rise buildings. The first thing I noticed as we walked in was the gorgeous details on their doors; little whisks and spatulas printed on the glass.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 4.54.39 PM
photo via @thenourishingbaker on instagram

We had a look at the menus and were surprised to find how reasonably priced everything was – cheaper than regular cafes back at home. They had an amazing selection of food, from sweet breakfasts to burgers, and so many alternative coffees including a watermelon seed, macadamia nut and sunflower seed blend (which I wish I tried!). They also had a range of alternative milks you could choose from for your coffees or hot choccys! I went for a Bounty Bar hot chocolate which was made with coconut milk.

Moni ordered the french toast and I ordered avo on toast, and when they came to the table we were literally in awe. We spent a solid five minutes taking photos and looking at all the little details – hers even had glitter on it like what the heck.


The french toast was so beautiful and detailed – even the bananas were cut into pretty shapes.16122373_1407904939222140_1369442671_o

The avo on toast was awesome too, it had this beautiful pesto spread on the toast, and chopped tomatoes throughout the smashed avocado.

I definitely want to head there whenever I can again, and try more of their delicious menu! We were so happy with it and there was nothing left on our plates when we were finished. Its such a groovy little cafe and I would recommend it to anyone going near to Tauranga!

You can check them out on their website too, where you can have a look at the menu and even order cakes online!

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 4.54.13 PM
photo via @thenourishingbaker on instagram

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