flat dinner: vegetarian dumplings

Marie and I worked at a beautiful Asian Fusion restaurant over summer back at home, and from that experience we gained new cooking skills and a big taste for asian cuisine. It can be hard not having all the extra ingredients that really make the food pop, but our awesome bosses made sure we were well stocked up and sent us down to uni with a box full of asian sauces!

We had been to the Farmers Market on the weekend (which is amazing!) and got our flat’s fruit and vege sooo cheap we’ll never buy it at the supermarket again! By the end of the week we had a lot of vege in the fridge that needed using up, so I loosely followed a dumpling recipe, and got as much of it as I could into the pan.
Anything and everything we had went in – shredded cabbage, carrots, mushroom, garlic, spring onion, onion, coriander, (I can’t even remember what else), and we cooked it until the vegetables were soft. The only ‘expensive’ part of this meal was the wonton wrappers, but there is a cheap asian supermarket in Dunedin which we’ll go to next time instead of the supermarket.

Marie got her wrapping skills on and I think we made close to 40 dumplings which was plenty for our flat. Back at work we were used to making hundreds of dumplings for the restaurant, so this was almost effortless!
We shallow fried them in a pan until each side was crispy, and served them with an impromptu dipping sauce made with lemon juice, soy sauce, vinegar, chilli and coriander.

They went down a treat and will definitely be made again as they are the perfect end-of-week meal to use up all the leftovers in the fridge. We also have a few more dumpling plans for the near future, but all will be revealed eventually …

I was so excited about these dumplings and they turned out great, but I didn’t take any photos which is very unusual for anyone who knows me! I’ve put in a photo below of kind of what they looked like, but any future attempts will definitely be documented! fried-613642_1920


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