Room Deco Under $15!

Being a student on a budget can be tricky, especially if you’re living in an old flat in Dunedin and you don’t want your room to look like a concrete carpark building. I love our flat don’t get me wrong, we were so lucky to sign it and it’s been done up pretty nicely, and 5 minutes from uni, who can complain.
However like most old flats in Dunners, the ceiling are high, the walls are concrete, cold and pretty bleak. There is one shop that is mine (and surely everyone else’s) holy grail and that is Kmart.
I didn’t really have a vision for my room, but when Moni came down to stay she showed me some pictures of triangles stuck all over the wall and I was like hmm yeah that sounds like a good time so we went ahead with it.
Below is the (almost finished) wall, I’m slowly adding more triangles on but you get the gist!


So what we got from Kmart was:

  • Adhesive Vinyl ($3)42420750-1-f42369783-1-f.jpg
  • Hanging Wooden Shelf ($5)
  • Marble Pot Plant ($6)

42262398-1-f$14 Total! And it was that easy! Thank you to Moni for helping me cut out and stick up the triangles ❤

My room only really gets the morning sun, so something like this was perfect to brighten up the space! The rest of my room is an absolute tip, so maybe that’ll be my next mission…


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