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Bullet Journalling is something I’ve been interested in for the past couple of years, along with ‘studygrams and study blogs’ although I’ve never actually created anything like that of my own. Studygrams and blogs are so big over platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, although I see them as kind of the ‘other side of Instagram’ since it’s not the typical or mainstream content, rather glorifying beautiful stationary and diary entries as compared to models, swimwear and celebrities.

So what is bullet journalling? Bullet Journalling is a customisable organisational system that can be your to-do list, notebook or diary! It was created by Ryder Carroll, a Brooklyn-based artistic director, as a better, more efficient way to jot down ideas, jobs, tasks and appointments. Bullet Journalling is simple, customisable and just a basic guideline, so whether you’re a student, a business-owner, or a 24/7 hustler then can I get a YEAH BOI because this system is for you. Unlike most printed planners and diaries which already have a specific space and number of pages per month, depending on your workload you can feel free to devote more pages and space wherever you need it, because you write it as you go.

The way it works is there’s a key section, and index section, a future log, and monthly and daily sections.

The key section is the key section, like you know on a map where they tell you what all the lines and dots mean, this section tells you what notes mean whaat. But it is just a basic guideline. You can do it however you like because you are a strong and independent individual, but Carrol suggests:

• A black dot indicates a task
> A forward arrow means a task that has migrated over from a previous list or month
< A less-than sign indicates a task that has been scheduled for a specific time
O A circle means an event
– A dash is a note to one’s self
* A star adds special importance to a note
Drawing an eye means “look into”

But you can customise with other symbols, colours or whatever you fancy.

On your future log, you can write some main events or tasks coming up for the next six months or a year.

Once you have created your daily and monthly calendars, you can add your tasks. If you haven’t completed a task, you can just migrate it to the next day or whenever you can complete it.
BulletJournal.com has a full explanation of everything if you are interested, or you can just be creative and use it as a basic guideline. You can use whatever notebook you prefer, but dot grid paper notebooks are popular amongst the bullet journalling community.0026.jpg

I have been following some of my favourite bullet journallers for a couple of years now on Instagram, and their work is something I admire and wish I could incorporate into my daily life!

First up is the Instagram account @europhias

@europhias is my all time favourite ‘studygram’, all of her pictures and journal spreads are amazing, and she also often shares photos of the stationary she uses. All of the spreads are bursting with colour, are positive and simply beautiful!

Next up is @studykouffee

@studykouffee’s spreads are delicate, colourful and feature a lot of calligraphy which I love. On her gram she posts time lapse videos of her doing watercolour calligraphy and it is one of the most satisfying things to watch!

finally is @brbstudying

@brbstudying’s spreads are slightly more simple and minimalistic, and I wish I could make biology notes look that good!

There are so so soo many study blogs out there, these three are just a few that stand out to me. I’m so inspired and keen to start bullet journalling, although I know with all of my assignments coming up I would only use it to procrastinate further. But it’s definitely something I’d be keen to try in the near future. It doesn’t seem to have caught on in New Zealand so much, but definitely globally and in particular in Asian countries.

I don’t own any of the pictures above, they are all courtesy of @europhias, @studykouffee and @brbstudying.



    1. I know they’re gorgeous! But so are yours I loved your blog post on bullet journaling – it was so detailed and in depth and I love all your extra logs that you’ve added in!


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