tribute to strange

I haven’t posted on here for forever, this past month of uni has been so hectic with assignments, tests, Hyde street party, getting sick, and so on! But I just spent the past few days in Wellington for a wee break (rip, Otago holidays are only a week long) (if anyone from the administrative area of the uni is reading this post, GIVE US LONGER HOLIDAYS)

All of my fam was in Wellington so it was a good catch up with everyone, we mostly just ate yummy food, but me and Moni also discovered the pinnacle of being a twin – my tonsils flared up (super gross yuck ew) and I was so sick boi so we went to her Welly uni’s student health, and I pretended to be her, got a check up and 2 prescriptions for freeee holla holla what’s the point in being a twin if you can’t use each others identity for free healthcare? (If anyone from Victoria Uni student health is reading this, lol TOO LATE I got the druugs)

One groovy thing we did was visit Matchbox, I always love going in there whenever I’m in Wellington, it’s such a cool shop and out the back they always have groovy art exhibitions on. They have gorgeous jewellery and stationary – and for anyone that knows me I have an addiction with buying stationary and notebooks so I always have to hold myself back whenever I go in!

The exhibition on while we were there was called ‘Tribute to Strange’, in memory of Emily Strange a ‘renowned craftivist, academic, activist and steam-punker of Wellington’. The exhibition included works from Emily and some of her close family and friends, who express activism through art.
At the back there was a little table with lots of material, buttons, ribbons and everything, and you could decorate a little bunting flag, in memory of Emily, and hang it up on the wall. Moni and I sat down for a wee while and stitched a flag each. Moni chose a small flag (which I should’ve done) because I kind of over-committed and did a bigger design so we were there for a little longer than we planned… but it didn’t matter because it was so fun and relaxing sitting there and stitching!

Below are our final pieces!!

If you’re ever near a Matchbox studio, pop in!! Yaas Queen.



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