A Step Closer to my Baking Dream

For everyone that knows me personally, you’ll know that I absolutely love baking, and even if you don’t know me so well you still might have guessed, as half of my posts on here are about baking too.

Every year for all of my friends birthdays I’ve baked them a cake, which would go down a treat at school. After my first year of uni I felt myself missing baking and creating so much as I had lived in a hall which didn’t really have ovens for me to use, and as meals were provided I didn’t have to buy any food anyway so I didn’t readily have ingredients available.
As soon as I got home from finishing uni I was cranking the oven almost everyday, using my sewing machine and anything else I could do as I hadn’t been able to express my creative outlet in so long.

Now in my second year of uni in a flat, with an oven, I found myself baking something almost every week to my delight (and my flat mates too!)
I’ve brought the tools I need from the Salvation Army – there’s always some treasure in their stores! I’ve found loads of utensils, but even better some gorgeous and useful trays/boards to put my cakes on.

So I decided to start up an Instagram page purely for my baking, where I’d post photos of thing I’d created and was working on. This included cakes, cupcakes, slices and more! From here I thought my friends and anyone in Dunedin could order a cake – It doesn’t work out so bad if you split the cost between your flat mates.

But to my genuine surprise, its been just under a month and already my page has over 230 followers, and I’ve done 4 cake orders to date with a few more coming up! Whilst that doesn’t sound massive at all, it is to me as I never imagined people would actually want to look at pictures of my cakes, let alone order them!

Here are a couple of my favourite cakes I’ve created so far:

So if you too want to check out what I’m talking about, head over to @ainsleybakes_ and follow my baking adventures!

The chocolate cake recipe I use is completely vegan, egg and dairy free and delicious, and I’m pretty capable of swapping things out to cater for any other dietary requirements. I love experimenting with different flavours, colours and styles and find a lot of my inspiration from Instagram.

I also wanna say a massive thank you to firstly my flat mates for putting up with my baking mess, taste testing my baking and eating off-cuts of my cakes! But I also want to thank all my friends who have supported me – by either simply following my baking adventures and especially for ordering my cakes. While this has all started and still is a hobby of mine, its exciting to see that one day in the future this could be a proper business or something bigger than just a dream.

If you’re a parent reading this, and you feel sorry for your child that is living in the subarctic city of Dunedin, order them a cake! Cake makes everything better.
Or if you’re a student sitting on your couch and you realise it’s your flatmate’s birthday coming up soon, put in with your other flatties and get them the best present ever.

Peace and Love! x



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